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100% Recycled Awesome 22. pro. 2013 v 3.05 odp.
WTF, Three "Not Responding" in 5 minutes.
Seems every new patch gets buggier and buggier.

Before I had freeze lag, now the game is wholesale not responding. I have to go to task manager to kill the program as the game simply stops working entirely.
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100% Recycled Awesome 23. pro. 2013 v 9.19 odp. 
GODD+)_UI_)(#_)(%*$)(%*$)W(%U)(@#U$()@#. This patch is so buggy. Rarely do I go a single game where it doesn't totally loock up.

When is patch 263 come out? Hell, by UWE standards it's going to be even more buggier then the last one.
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