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100% Recycled Awesome 2013年12月21日 17時47分
Eclipse Marine Win Rates?
Anyone got any opinions on this? From my experience, it's a massive stomp for aliens.

The size of the map makes it hard for marines to get around, but the tiny spaces make it hard for them to fight at the same time. It's way too easy for Aliens to constantly troll RTs ensuring that marines are technologically behind the aliens. In my opinion from the games I've played on the map, it's wildly unbalanced. I guess late game the tight areas make it pro-exo and GL, but I haven't seen a Marine team make it that far.
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Teal'c 2013年12月21日 19時20分 
Aliens usually win in those tight quarters with vents in every hallway.
Check NS2stats for some details.
Apocalypse 2013年12月21日 23時25分 
To my experience the only way to win the map is rushing for the tech points and harrass the alien harvesters / make pressure on the base. The map is rather big, meaning phase gates give you a decent advantage. Holding RTs seems to be a general problem on this map.
[#OMEGA] - K2 2013年12月22日 2時13分 
I actually feel like it is marine sided with a (decent) team, get some RTS, lock down one tech point and alien RTS are *really* easy to harass. Though avarage stats show otherwise currently (61% aliens vs 39% ... the overall is 58% aliens vs 42%).

Teal'c の投稿を引用:
Aliens usually win in those tight quarters with vents in every hallway.
Check NS2stats for some details.
Chris (禁止済) 2013年12月22日 2時36分 
gorge tunnels.
HU_Honved 2013年12月22日 11時45分 
Apocalypse 2013年12月22日 12時19分 
.exalt の投稿を引用:
gorge tunnels.

Gorge tunnels are absolutely needed on that map, but they have some disadvantages.
You need for each tunnel combination a gorge, you need always exit and entry points.
They are still slower than phase gates.
And if you ever lost all your upgrades because 4 brave jetpack marines rushed into a tunnel with flammers, granades and shotguns just to get out in the alien main base and all those tasty upgrades right before their barells … gorge tunnels are still needed, but use them carefully.
RaZDaZ 2013年12月22日 14時16分 
Too early to tell but it does some in favour of aliens, tight corridors make it tough to hit skulks reliably but it sucks for fades and lerks imo.
Gotta Ramble 2013年12月24日 7時17分 
Yeah it does seem alien biased.
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