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kesuga7 2013年12月14日 21時39分
Can't optimize my game when first launching game?
So there this in my screenshots and i can click the skip button but not the optimize
im clicking my mouse but it just wont do anything
Is this optimization important?
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kesuga7 2013年12月14日 21時43分
just another bug i guess just curious if this happens to anyone else is all
Herald_UK 2013年12月14日 21時45分 
Don't worry about it. I had a similar problem, where I clicked Optimze and the game just tried to dump me straight into session, without being able to set up properly. Just proceed to the main menu and sort it out from the options.
kesuga7 2013年12月14日 22時24分 
thanks for reply trying to get my options menu not working sorted out now lol
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