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A couple of questions about Natural Selection 2
Hello guys, i have been eyeing up NS2 for quite a while now but have a couple of questions about it.

1- Does this game include level grinding (as in CoD/Battlefield style level grind)? its something i really not a fan of. If it does have level grinding, does it take much time to get max level?

2- It seems to be a really teamwork heavy game, does it include voice by default? coming from games like RO2 or Arma, i have learned that proper voice chat is essential for any proper teamwork in public games.

3-Is the community active? will i find full servers easily?

4-Where the "main" servers are located? i would hate to buy this game only to find out the lowest ping i can have in a server is around 250-300 or so.

I am also thinking of spending the 75bucks for the reinforcement program, whats your opinion on that?

Thanks in advance.
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