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ZaBuMaFu 2013年12月11日 23時32分
Awesome game but crashes WAY TO OFTEN!
I love this game for its unique setting and playstyle, but no matter how much i try to optimize it, whether its graphically by nerfing my graphics to vanilla low(computer can handle this game on MAX WITH A SMOOTH 60 FPS!), or reinstalling for the 50th time, it just doesn't seem to want to work, literally tried everything to the point of irritation. I've seen threads where other people are experiencing a similar issue so i know its not just me. Until they fix this ridiculous issue i'm done with this game.
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Miasmatic 2013年12月12日 7時32分 
What kind of crash? What kind of message? How often?
ZaBuMaFu 2013年12月14日 17時27分 
From what the forums have been suggesting its a memory leak, it says Error: 5848398 bytes failed to allocate, now terminating program. Have tested my memory and nothing wrong there either, game just freezes up probably about two matches in (if lucky).
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