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Epifire 5月13日 20時46分
Steam Auto-Join Is Broke (FIXED)
Hey kinda giving a shoutout to figure out if anyone else is having the same issue. Server information through steam seams to have been out of order for a while but now it seems when I pull up server info on a friend I wanna join, I see the button but it disapears immediately after opening the join box.

Any ideas on what could be causing it cause I hadn't seen the game update recently?
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toanz0077 5月14日 18時46分 
ask your friend join that server

press tab to see server name
Epifire 5月15日 10時35分 
Well yeah I know how to get to the server manually, but as you might have already found the stock NS2 autojoin doesn't work so well. Steam overlay has worked great for me up till now, so I'm just trying to find out why or if anyone else knows.
Epifire 5月17日 16時36分 
FIXED: Found out that cleaning out the NS2 mods folders under Appdata Roaming fixed it for me. I can use steam autojoin and even get a full report on player names and scores (unlike before).
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