xeno 2014年5月6日上午8:51
is this game dying???????????
is it true that the game is dying cuz i want to buy this game plz respond
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LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2014年5月6日上午9:07 
Why does everyone keep creating these damn threads!?

First make sure you have a great PC if you want to consider buying this game, then know that it's not dead. There's always a nice number of servers running - however it depends on your region. The playerbase isn't as big as it used to be however.
Sexcetera 2014年5月6日上午9:47 
Not sure. Been like this for a year now. Max 2000 players. If you live in Europe, however, you won't have any trouble getting into a full server.
xeno 2014年5月6日上午10:08 
Region: U.S
IronHorse 2014年5月6日上午11:44 
Plenty of full servers in the US, especially during typical off work gaming hours.
I typically see around 20 or so every evening, more on the weekends.

Just look at the steam stats and stop with these threads please. 3 on the main page is just getting ridiculous when the information is freely available to all.
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