_Bg_Brokenhand 2014年4月13日下午6:33
no mac why not?
can u add this game to mac if u still read this
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Splunki 2014年4月13日下午11:13 
why u no buy pc?
Azure Zero 2014年4月14日上午7:05 
You can run this on a Mac,
just use a Virtual Machine to run the game on the Mac.
mushtazm 2014年4月14日下午4:39 
Yes i read it...will be adding the game to mac now...dont you worry it will be up in a jiffy!
_Bg_Brokenhand 2014年4月14日下午4:50 
how do i run a window game on a mac then?
Azure Zero 2014年4月14日下午6:43 
引用自 Im still a dead man
how do i run a window game on a mac then?

Get a Virtual Machine (NOT Java Virtual Machine) like VMware's Workstation, install the Virtual Machine, get the OS, IN the Virtual Machine install the OS, do the OS setup, Install any OS Apps you want and done.

Anytime you want to run those apps you'll need to run that Virtual machine.
_Bg_Brokenhand 2014年4月14日下午7:35 
thanks bro
King Darío 2014年6月5日下午4:00 
Get Bootcamp,i play all my PC games that way.
_Bg_Brokenhand 2014年6月5日下午5:14 
100% Recycled Awesome 2014年6月5日下午7:33 
I can't imagine that NS2 will run well via Bootcamp. The game already is pretty poorly optimized and Bootcamp just adds another layer.
Chrisader 2014年6月6日上午2:28 
the game runs bad on pc if it was on mac it would run like perfect dark on the N64
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