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Rotanixel 2014年3月22日 21時51分
Lack of players in Australia/NZ
THere seem to be no AUstralian servers ever active which makes it frustrating to play why isnt this game that active?
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Master baitor 2014年3月22日 22時23分 
Because all the junkies and bums that do nothing in life on Australian servers think they own the game.
Crouchasaurs 2014年3月22日 23時12分 
4 full servers in Aus right now so not sure where the problem is...
Rotanixel 2014年3月25日 0時05分 
never active when im on.
PlasticBottleFlipFlops 2014年3月25日 1時47分 
just watched and there re 2 server #1 and #2 both full 18/18 players...
somethin wrong on your side... (your ns2 server browser is messed up or ur inet dont know)

at australian prime time its mostly 2-3 (or UWE Official AUS) servers filled up with players at weekends even more...
最近の変更はPlasticBottleFlipFlopsが行いました; 2014年3月25日 1時57分
Seb 2014年3月31日 5時24分 
We have a very active community as well at Stop by and say hi!
Traffic Conez 2014年4月1日 1時12分 
Monash 2/3 when it was around was always full at 6pm onwards. Shame its off but there is always DangerZone
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Natural Selection 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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