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Hamm 3月21日 9時16分
Recommended Mouse Sensitivity?
I have a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II, with customizable profiles and four customizable DPI presets per profile. I have had problems with spinning too quickly at the second-to-lowest setting and a rather slow speed at the lowest. What are the best sensitivities for NS2?
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Jackson 3月21日 11時20分 
It depends on your comfort zone. The less sensitive, the more your aim is precise. But for now I'd say try to configure your sensitivity on your mouse (enable RAW input in game) and in game so that when you completely turn your wrist, you make a U-turn. That's around 1000-1200 DPI for me, with an IG sensitivity at 3.
After that, if you feel comfortable, lower progressively your sensitivity so you can aim better.
But it's more a question of comfort for you now.
Hamm 3月21日 11時33分 
Alright. Thanks! 800 is pretty good for Marine for me, but as Skulk, I have to be able to turn relatively quickly. That should help.
[#OMEGA] - K2 3月21日 12時15分 
I play with 3k DPI + 4 sens ingame. Use what works best for you.
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.exalt (禁止済) 3月21日 13時11分 
I use the same sensitivity for both marine and alien. Higher sensitivity than games that require headshots.
Hamm 3月22日 17時29分 
I'm a bit clumsy, so I need a slower DPI. Hopefully I can speed it up over time, but for now, I need to go on another NS2 hiatus, starting tomorrow. Going back to school, where NS2 is blocked...
verycatchy 3月28日 8時51分 
400 dpi 2~ sens
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