Chris (已封禁) 2014年3月19日上午7:24
Patch update
When are you going to fix cave? Why can't you just roll it back one? Are we waiting another month for a fix on this map and then a different map broken? Why aren't player testers able to pick up such an error or did they push it through anyway. SAD
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Kmacg 2014年3月19日下午3:20 
What's wrong with cave? Haven't played it in the last couple days.
Warforce17 2014年3月19日下午4:30 
You sometime cannot cyst. @above
Kmacg 2014年3月20日上午1:02 
Oh, yeah, I've seen the issue now. On the right side of the map?
I think it might be a more general issue, I had trouble cysting on Tram last night.
Chris (已封禁) 2014年3月21日上午7:51 
Has anyone been able to cyst cave since the last patch?
Chris (已封禁) 2014年3月28日上午8:13 
Is mineshaft still broke?
nick 2014年3月28日上午8:37 
You should post on the mapping section of the ns2 forums, although I'm sure they're aware of any obvious bugs
Chris (已封禁) 2014年3月28日上午9:32 
Considering they still are playing the map on their servers: I disgree, partyCLICK.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh 2014年3月28日下午1:54 
There's a fixed version of Mineshaft out that you'll need to get on your server or you won't be able to cyst.
ViNi 2014年4月12日下午5:27 
Until today, i cannot cyst around the cave...
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