%Shifty Eyed Panda 2014. márc. 17. @ du. 5:30
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, i have had steam check the files to make sure they all check out, i have tweaked the graphic settings, and still it crashes. I cant even get the tutorial to run. As soon as the precaching seems to be done, i am at a black screen with an orange mouse cursor and then i have to use the task manager to get out. please help, would like to try this game
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JellyDogeJello 2014. márc. 17. @ du. 5:30 
Your crashing because you are playing your game in your car and not paying attention to the road
na 2014. márc. 17. @ du. 6:19 
Have you tried rebooting your PC? Do you have all your drivers updated and installed? When is the last time you did a fresh install of the operating system?
Chris (Kitiltva) 2014. márc. 18. @ de. 6:10 
I would try na's suggestion: try reinstalling your video drivers it's a good step.
PlasticBottleFlipFlops 2014. márc. 22. @ de. 1:31 
try run NS2 as Admin and/or re-validate your NS2 data via steam... (and/or some specific .NET Framework and/or Visual C++ Redistributable missing)... and/or if u ve Adobe Creative Cloud installed, disable it.
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