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[HGN]Turdle 2014年3月15日 20時19分
Mac Platform
could you please add the platform OS X for NS2?
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east 2014年3月16日 16時18分 
Sorry, will not happen. Devs mostly switched to another project. Besides that, I don't even want to imagine how bad NS2 runs on OS X
[HGN]Turdle 2014年3月16日 17時09分 
but will it work if i download windows on my mac (to download game)
DaveN 2014年3月17日 18時59分 
If you install Windows in Bootcamp, you will be able to run it. I have it on my Mac but I would only recommend doing so if you have an actual nVidia graphics card and not the Intel HD.
[HGN]Turdle 2014年3月17日 19時26分 
k thanks
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