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Massive FPS Drop
I remember when I got this computer roughly 8 months ago, with Windows 7. I was playing NS2 on high settings at 80-100 fps. Now I'm running at a measly 30-60 with the same settings. The only difference that has happened in my PC during that time period was a new hard drive, and an upgrade to Windows 8.1 I don't know what the hell happened, does anybody know what could have happened?
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Possibly the Windows 8.1 thing.
It's kind of like with the Windows 7 and XP compatibility thing.
Some games worked better with Windows XP and worse on 7.

Of course there are people on here who say they run fine with Windows 8, but i'm not sure.

The optimization definitely didn't get worse, got better in-fact.
Strange, I don't know what could have possibly happened.
I remember I was playing on full servers, to get the most out of the game.
Chris (ถูกแบน) 19 มี.ค. 2014 @ 6:51am 
check video drivers update
About 22 or 24. And I'm checking fps via the main menu. Here are the basic specs:
AMD Fx 6350 6-Core Processor @ 3.9 GHz
Gtx 650 Ti
1 TB Hard Drive
8 Gigs of Ram
Windows 8.1
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