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[LINUX]Letik 3月8日 17時15分
Game still in beta
Hi ! I just want to let linux users know that the game MAY BE unplayable for you if you bought it, there is a very borring bug that makes the game crash each time you shot (borring for an FPS..) that is still unsolved, here are others informations if you want
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.exalt (禁止済) 3月9日 0時54分 
I didn't read far, but good luck. I hope they bring you linux players some alpha-ish improvements. I know I hate when they push out patches that don't work, aren't completed, or with well-known-issues such as... uh yeah gl to us all, but you all need it more I think.
Courty 3月9日 16時53分 
I have Xubuntu 13.10 + "" driver from and i have no problem at all when i shoot, in fact the game runs better than in windows.
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