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Hobbes 3月5日 7時49分
My screen blacks out momentarily while I fire my gun. HELP!
While I play alien, everything works great, but while I am a marine, every time I shoot my gun it blacks out the screen. Game is working, including sounds, movement, even my bullets are hitting the target, but the screen turns black while I am shooting then returns as soon as i stop.
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Pielord 3月5日 8時35分 
Have you tried verifying integrity?
ᵡᴳḽᴰ >>Stickz<< 3月5日 12時31分 
did you try disabling your steam overlay? i know there was an issue (maybe still present) where the game crashed while firing your gun.
IronHorse 3月5日 19時44分 
Delete your hidden appdata/natural selection 2 folder to make the game re compile shaders.
If you need further help :
per the pinned topic in here, you will only receive tech support in our official forums.
Hobbes 3月8日 21時11分 
I just nuked the whole thing. reinstalled. played. dk what happened but it was fixed
Eyeball 3月9日 7時06分 
i've encountered similar problem before. when i am an alien, sometimes if i face toward a dark coner my entire screen turns black. cant even see the hud. but if i look away then everything is fine again. then i found out some certain splendid modes on my monitor will give me this problem. if i switch to a different mode the problem is gone.
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