Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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Badb0y 28. feb., 2014 @ 13:11
i read this

"you cannot upgrade to a higher tier after you buy one, without buying the new tier in full. We cannot refund the old tier."

but i cant figure out what it means. its only a little icon or does it have to do with level up?
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Its icons and cosmetic items. Neither of which impact game play.

There is no true leveling up. That level in the home screen is a function of time played and performance used to kick vets from rookie only servers and as a form of stat tracking potentially for matchmaking. You don't get any bonuses from higher levels.
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Pielord 28. feb., 2014 @ 19:35 
It means that if you buy a silver tier and then decide you want gold you would have to pay the full price of gold as well. The tiers give cosmetics such as that little icon to indicate your support.
na 28. feb., 2014 @ 19:47 
I'll explain it another way. If you donate 40 dollars and acquire a diamond badge, if you later decide you want to donate another 40 dollars, you don't recieve the shadow badge even though you have donated at least 75 dollars (80 total). You have to donate 75 dollars at one time to acquire the shadow badge.
миссинг 1. mars, 2014 @ 0:31 
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