Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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shrewsbury83 2014년 2월 27일 오후 7시 12분
I'm a Rook who is frustrated having noone to play with. Any takers?
Hey guys,

I picked this up a few months ago and think it could be one of the most fun FPS' I've ever played. There are a number of concerns for me though: I don't have any friends who play this, so I'm lone-wolfing all the time which sucks; Rookie servers are full of people who don't communicate at all, which makes it impossible to win as an Alien; and I just want to learn the ropes a bit more.

With that said I'm no doofus at FPS Marines. I've played FPS' for years and the skill part of the game I'm perfectly adequate at. It's the team aspect of working together toward a common goal that I want to get into and possibly learn how to think in the correct manner.

So, if anyone is looking for a partially skilled rookie who's willing to learn the ropes hard and fast, please let me know.

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Silvercity 2014년 2월 27일 오후 7시 17분 
I got the game a while ago. Got around 150 hours in. If you can play west coast servers with good ping hit me up. I only play on Hyperion servers cause they are the only servers that have reasonable ping for me :/
na 2014년 2월 27일 오후 9시 24분 
Have you considered playing leader yourself?
Crouchasaurs 2014년 2월 27일 오후 10시 28분 
Join a clan or start one.
Drogot 2014년 2월 28일 오전 2시 27분 
Hi Shrewsbury.

I got about 200h in this game and watched quite a lot of tutorials ans competetive play. You can add me on your steam friend list if you want. I'm happy to help you. Just join a game I'm in or send me a message.

Another way to learn some tricks is to watch or read some tutorials. I would recomend the ones from "It's super effective." They are quite good.

Also I'm playing on european servers.
LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2014년 2월 28일 오전 11시 37분 
One of my favourite games, had it since BETA, got a PC that runs it perfectly, load in 10 seconds most times - 50 hours total playtime...

I watch a lot of competitive games so I'm not bad at the game either, I know what to do and how everything works. Sadly every game I play turns into a pub stomp on the rookie servers with usually one or two very experienced players with all the badges obliterating everyone. Either that or you get shouted at - Rookie servers are supposed to be casual fun!

Edit: Forgot to mention the constant 5 minute games ending in a concede. Love this game, just wish it was played differently. I miss the massive 30+ minute battles for map control. I'm sure they still exist, I just don't have time or patience anymore to play 10 games just to have 1 good one.
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Warforce17 2014년 2월 28일 오후 1시 11분 
If you are interested play with me. I am not the best but I can show you the basics.

Edit 3. March
If you really wanted to learn "hard and fast" you would have invested more than 0.3 hours into the game during the last week. It gives me the impression that you are not willing to put the time into the game needed to improve. If you mean what you said above prove me wrong.
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A. Pajander 2014년 3월 1일 오후 9시 24분 
Yeah, this game is totally different depending on the server you're playing on. If you're cool, get on the servers. Best public servers NA.
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