.exalt (Banned) Feb 22 @ 9:21am
Thank you Steam
For NS2. I say this because at first I hated steam. Even when I consider the trade off of then: I was cautious. I mean why not just get the content from companies like UWE dirrectly? Today, however, I'm certain that NS2 would still be unreleased and even less popular than today. While I wouldn't have entered into such an agreement, I respect UWE's choice to work with steam. All while, I disagree with their patterns of give first then demand respect for their time after is complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. They have at least attempted to keep this game in a spotlight.

So far, I think the greatest seller of this game is still the free weekends. Many will hate me for suggesting you do this more often even to the point of making it a common thing, but it's the only effective selling tool that seems to work. Although I'll self admit that this is just a perception of a player who's not all that appreciative past the price of entry.

Free weekends with standard prices would work and keep the $$$ out of my ears.
Date Posted: Feb 22 @ 9:21am
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