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Ubuntu Server Crashes?
has anyone else been experiencing sever crashes on ubuntu based servers? it always seems to happen on map change for some reason. tryed running the server with and without steam runtime, still the same effect.
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K2 Feb 10, 2014 @ 3:58am 
the server software has many issues and regular crashes is one of them. They have been there since the linux server was released and some haven't been fixed since, suffers from stack corruption which seems to be the cause of most crashes currently
looked on the web for information these yet they weren't indexed on google at all about ns2. its kind of sad that ns2 servers are crashing like this.

noticed the ns2 client trys to auto reconnect to the server when it loses connection, specially on map change. if the server were to be reboot with a script on process termination would this ban-aid the problem? i know other steam servers use the -timeout command on scdrs run via linux for this, but can't find something simular for ns2.
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K2 Feb 13, 2014 @ 3:57pm 
People won't reconnect (which is another broken feature) even if the server is back up; they'll be stuck in the old instance [i.e. still "trying to connect" - they'd have to disconnect and reconnect manually], but using a script (i.e. infinite loop) that restarts servers as they go down is a good idea.

Just to give you a measure, I've had 236 server crashes in the last 40 days with 6 ns2 servers (of which 3 are usually populated - crashes are more common on populated servers)

Edit: That is not accounting for other issues that can occur which will empty our your server, such as deadlocks (you need a more complex script to work around those), or workshop issues (if you use mods)
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