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The Dawg 2014年2月4日 5時45分
mod downloads upon joining server give no percentage indicator. major bummer!
This should be changed. Waiting 5 minutes to load a level that has no mods is bad enough, but not knowing the progress of downloading mods on a server is truly an experience in first world problems of a horrendous degree!
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The Dawg 2014年2月4日 5時46分 
i want to play this game more...but its just friggin annoying! Its worse than the days of 1st generation playstation games. Loading a levels on those bad boys wasn't even but maybe 2 minutes max. bummer, bro!
lillebuler 2014年2月4日 6時18分 
Try Garrys Mod, Then complain.
The Dawg 2014年2月4日 6時49分 
i quit garry's mod a while back. got sick of my creations always becoming displaced. really what is the point of a creation game if your creations get all slightly disconnected and bent out of shape along the joints?!
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