Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Left Frog 2014年2月3日上午11:36
SOLVED - Fatal Error on Launch with Ubuntu 13.10
I meet all the system requirements and have reinstalled several times, the proprietary drivers don't work. Any help? Thanks

SOLUTION - The new update fixed this problem, thank you.
最后由 Left Frog 编辑于; 2014年2月15日上午6:43
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Ghoul  [开发者] 2014年2月3日下午12:23 
Known issue fix incoming with next patch
Left Frog 2014年2月3日下午12:48 
Thanks, do you have any idea when that patch could be?
Ghoul  [开发者] 2014年2月3日下午12:59 
As build 263 will bring alot changes and with eyes on the world championship finals at the 22 Feb UWE decided to release first a beta on steam.

The beta should be avaible asap this week.

For more infos about this follow the official tweet:
最后由 Ghoul 编辑于; 2014年2月3日下午4:07
Left Frog 2014年2月3日下午1:24 
Thank you very much
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