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na Jan 31, 2014 @ 2:35am
Ideal monitor resolution: 2560x1600?
This thread has nothing to do with frame rate, monitor refresh rate, or how things look on screen.

This thread concerns the ideal monitor resolution concerning how much is displayed at once.

I have been using 1920x1080 for some time. I also max out field of view. Once in a while I come across someone discussing multi-monitor setups and it gets me wondering. Three monitors sounds interesting on paper, but the bezels really kill the idea for me. I've found 30" monitors with 2560x1600 resolution that sound close to two monitors (at least resolution wise), so I wonder if you gain more in what you visually see. Remember, this has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of what you see, only the quantity. By quantity, think about seeing more peripheral view.

v=EXcpDLyCcic Here is a (youtube) video that sort of illustrates things.
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Apocalypse Jan 31, 2014 @ 3:34pm 
depends on the game really, but the general answer is nope, and should be valid for ns2 as well. BTW 4k screens are out and projectors would kill the bezels.
aYos Jan 31, 2014 @ 5:42pm 
You are asking a question that has multiple parts. You need to understand these terms: resolution, aspect ratio, and FOV. Resolution is how many individual pixels make up a picture (high reso pictures are cleaer, sharper, smoother, hence why Anti-Aliasing isn't as useful at high resolutions), aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between an image's width and height, and FOV is the actual amount that is observable by the player given usually as an angle. The FOV in this game is hardlocked (beyond the highest option in the options menu) and I think that puts skulks at 100 fov, but if you increase the aspect ratio* (should be clearer, too tired to think of how to phrase) you will not gain anything more visually and instead the sides with do fish eye lensing effect, like this♥♥♥♥jckAgaBcBRpT-GzgQ

Watch this video, it's easier to understand visuals

Another example (taken from PCGamer, high resolution picture, but still original aspect ration 4:3 you don't gain any more visuals, but the image is sharper, clearer, etc)
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