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ColReb 1月23日 18時10分
Blue Screen Crash and optimization taking too long
When I first log into the game, it asks for an optimization option. I can either click optimize or cancel. Anyway, when I click optimize, it takes forever to do anything and end up cntrl alt delete to get out of the game. When I try the training mode, I get the blue screen on my pc and have to restart everything. Any suggestions on what might be the cause or how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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ItcamefromtheDesert 1月24日 3時13分 
what happens if u skip all that and try to join a server like try joining UWE officials? (fast loading times but sometimes laggy, depends..)
ColReb 1月24日 4時04分 
haven't tried that yet
Brongus 1月24日 7時52分 
So, the optimization will occur if You havent run it the first time you load a map.

If you keep getting issues after trying to join a liver server, please make a post in the UWE tech support forum suing teh happy thread here:
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