Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Jerfybawss 2014年7月1日上午11:25
I'd like to play this game but...
Is the ping insanely high on almost every server for people besides me? My internet works really well, but for NS2, bleh...
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Azure Zero 2014年7月1日上午11:29 
Nope, I have good ping here in Canada, Ontario
Jerfybawss 2014年7月1日上午11:31 
Well I'm USA east... Just every server I look at in the browser has like 400 ping.
Azure Zero 2014年7月1日上午11:38 
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Azure Zero 2014年7月1日上午11:45 
It might be your router and you need to open some ports.
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Jerfybawss 2014年7月1日上午11:46 
Open some ports?
Azure Zero 2014年7月1日上午11:51 
Enter the router and enter the port forwarding area and enter
TCP: 27014-27050
UDP: 3478,4379,4380,27000-27015
Jerfybawss 2014年7月1日上午11:52 
What will this do exactly?
Azure Zero 2014年7月1日下午12:06 
it'll allow the servers to properly connect to the computer through the firewall in the router.
Sylwester 2014年7月1日下午1:49 
And how does that affect pings? You need to do port forwarding when you want to host a server...

JerfyBawss try to manually ping one of the servers. Let's say Florida (rookie friendly). The ip is
If you are running windows 7 then click on your start button and in "search programs and files" type cmd. Then start cmd.exe
In the black window type: ping
and press enter. If the "time=" in messages you will receive is almost the same as pings shown in ns2 server browser then it's a problem with your internet and not the game.
Jerfybawss 2014年7月1日下午1:55 
I did what was stated above and got an average of 675 milisecond ping time.
Hobocop 2014年7月1日下午1:57 
Yeah, looks like there's something up with your ISP or the route between them and the game servers. Get in contact with them and find out what's up.
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Sylwester 2014年7月1日下午2:04 
Also note that this issue can be caused on your end. If you (or anyone connected to your internet) uses most or entire upstream / downstream bandwidth then your pings will be high. This often happens when you are downloading at full speed or running some p2p downloads.
Jerfybawss 2014年7月1日下午2:21 
I'm the only one in my place using internet right now I believe. I get great ping on TF2 and other games of the like. NS2 just seems to hate me though.
im in Asia , allways have to play in lag server

but when you get used to it >> your skill level will be increse

Tips : dont aim 4 aliens , try to point crossair at their heads and tap-mouse fire 1-2 burst
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