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I'd like to play this game but...
Is the ping insanely high on almost every server for people besides me? My internet works really well, but for NS2, bleh...
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Nope, I have good ping here in Canada, Ontario
Well I'm USA east... Just every server I look at in the browser has like 400 ping.
It might be your router and you need to open some ports.
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Open some ports?
Enter the router and enter the port forwarding area and enter
TCP: 27014-27050
UDP: 3478,4379,4380,27000-27015
What will this do exactly?
it'll allow the servers to properly connect to the computer through the firewall in the router.
And how does that affect pings? You need to do port forwarding when you want to host a server...

JerfyBawss try to manually ping one of the servers. Let's say Florida (rookie friendly). The ip is
If you are running windows 7 then click on your start button and in "search programs and files" type cmd. Then start cmd.exe
In the black window type: ping
and press enter. If the "time=" in messages you will receive is almost the same as pings shown in ns2 server browser then it's a problem with your internet and not the game.
I did what was stated above and got an average of 675 milisecond ping time.
Yeah, looks like there's something up with your ISP or the route between them and the game servers. Get in contact with them and find out what's up.
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Also note that this issue can be caused on your end. If you (or anyone connected to your internet) uses most or entire upstream / downstream bandwidth then your pings will be high. This often happens when you are downloading at full speed or running some p2p downloads.
I'm the only one in my place using internet right now I believe. I get great ping on TF2 and other games of the like. NS2 just seems to hate me though.
im in Asia , allways have to play in lag server

but when you get used to it >> your skill level will be increse

Tips : dont aim 4 aliens , try to point crossair at their heads and tap-mouse fire 1-2 burst
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