Pirates Jun 30 @ 12:52pm
Help Me Train
Hi. I am a noob that thinks Natural Selection 2 is fun and wanted someone to help me train to get better. I apreciate all help:D and if you want to help me Add me :D
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Azure Zero Jun 30 @ 1:30pm 
I would watch NS2 tutorial videos, and read the NS2 wiki[wiki.unknownworlds.com] to get some basic information before you enter the game.

NOT the most recommend method of learning is playing the Combat mod of NS2 to get a feel for the movement and upgrades/weapons of the two sides before going into a un-modded NS2 game.
This is due to Combat being a simpler version of NS2, without the RTS elements.
The Real NS2 also has an RTS element which can be overwhelming for new players, and don't Comm for a number of real NS2 games until you feel you can handle being a Comm
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RaZDaZ Jun 30 @ 1:34pm 
Don't play combat, modders have not patched it in some time and thus is quite frustrating and broken. Search for "It'sSuperEffective NS2" on YT for some awesome guides. Other than that, don't try commanding until you've experienced the main game for awhile as it is stressful for new players.
Pirates Jun 30 @ 2:05pm 
Ok Thanks
Haruka Langit Jun 30 @ 7:40pm 
You cant only watch videos , go to TRainning mode >> learn in there with bots
Azure Zero Jun 30 @ 7:44pm 
The bots though are idiots,
Marines have an aimbot, but can't follow orders,
And the Aliens are just stupid
Royal Rampage Jun 30 @ 11:50pm 
I watched this when I wanted to lerk better.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks_rVOWBFwc
Also, it's good to try 1v1 with another player(either a friend or someone from ns2), so that you can both practice either Lifeforms or Marines, and it's better than training mode. (Someone puts up a locked server, or you both join an empty server and hope that people don't join)
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Pirates Jul 1 @ 2:14am 
Thank you all that helps me out i appreciate it very much
Silent Macabre Jul 1 @ 11:14am 
Originally posted by NinjandeNinjan:
Thank you all that helps me out i appreciate it very much

Hey can I add you? I am also new to NS2 and maybe we can train together or something like that.
Warforce17 Jul 1 @ 11:55am 
I am willing to help. Add me if interested.
Gotta Ramble Jul 2 @ 10:08pm 
Well for marines all you need to do is mash spacebar and medpack request button. Aliens are more complicated however.
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