064 Reverse Jun 24, 2014 @ 2:33pm
Game opens, then I get returned to desktop after launch.
I bought the game and after I open the game it returns me back to my desktop, I try to go back into the game and sends me back to the desktop again, I have tried doing the integrity of game cache. And reinstalling but nothing has fixed it.
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Omidion Jun 24, 2014 @ 2:53pm 
Try restarting your PC...maybe it'll help. Game works fine for me, never had problems with it.
Azure Zero Jun 24, 2014 @ 3:57pm 
Set the NS2.exe file to run as Admin, that solves some problems.
PlasticBottleFlipFlops Jun 24, 2014 @ 6:56pm 
re-validate your NS2 data via steam... and/or deactivate all NS2 workshop stuff... and/or if u ve Adobe Creative Cloud installed, disable it.
Azure Zero Jun 24, 2014 @ 7:00pm 
Are you using WinXP, or 64-bit OS?
064 Reverse Jun 24, 2014 @ 10:06pm 
Im using WIN764BIT
Sigmund Freud Jun 25, 2014 @ 4:10am 
Im having the same problem, already tried running it as admin and it didn't work, what I think it is in my case is maybe a problem with the resolution of the game or that it runs it in full screen mode, causing it to send me back to desktop, what I've tried with other games is from the properties folder chaning full screen value to false or changing the resolution directly over there, the problem is that I'm not able to find the folder or the text document of NS2 where I can change it, if someone could help me find the folder or has a different solution it would be very much appreciated :D
YO | Obraxis Jun 25, 2014 @ 4:37am 
If you are having technical issues or just generally want developers to see your post, please head on over the Unknown Worlds Forums [forums.unknownworlds.com]. You can find the Technical Support forum there. **Apologies, but you will not receive active developer responses or very active technical support here on the Steam forums.**
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