1sttimeplayingdota2 Jun 18 @ 9:54pm
what.... trying to activate my extra key for ns2 black armor...
Steam keeps telling me i need to activate the base game first ( WTF IS THIS ♥♥♥♥ ).
After trying a few times, I get a ( to many failed cd key attempts, please wait and try again later)............

I pre ordered two copies of this game... and all i get is this stupid black armor that I cant know for sure im wearing or not, and my spare key which should work as it is a special edition black armor one, gives me this message... so lame.

They might as well make this game f2p, because you have to pay extra to get anything good.
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Goliath Dreamteam Vietnam Jun 18 @ 9:57pm 
You surely not work hard to get those $$$

Spend it wisely , beside contact Steam support , no one gonna give your money back here
Ghoul Jun 19 @ 5:07am 
If you preordered ns2 ( not over steam ) you got 2 keys:
One Ns2 keys and one black amor key.

The black amor key is just a dlc key and therfor doesn't work without ns2.

And you know for sure what amor you are wearinga as it is shown to you in the customization menu ;)

If you haven't got both keys please contact uwe (hugh) via email
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