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Totally not a Kraken (8 Days) 2014年6月3日 6時25分
NS1 crashing on startup.
Figured this would be the prime place to put this.

It was working fine yesterday, and it's the only GOLDSRC mod acting up like this. Anyone else experiencing this?
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phillippi2 2014年6月3日 8時50分 
Actually, it would probably be better to put this in the Half-Life discussion, since NS1 is a Half-Life mod. Odds are more people there have experience with it than people here.
Totally not a Kraken (8 Days) 2014年6月4日 1時42分 
I acctually have.... They've not really been helpful or respondant.

Edit: And after posting this, it spontaniously works again.
最近の変更はTotally not a Kraken (8 Days)が行いました; 2014年6月4日 1時43分
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