Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

estier 2014年6月1日上午6:45
''NS2 Reinforced Crew''' ?
I like Ns2 and as a half rookie I know how hard the game is without getting tips and so on. You could say ''go watch some videos'' but I like personal training. I'd like to open a Ns2 Clan/Crew that helps people getting started. You don't play the game that long if you die every 10 seconds.
What would the crew need?:

Trainings Server 8€-18,50€ (depens on the slots)
Ts3 Server 3€-6€ depens on the slots
Trainers (They won't get money, exept someone would donate)
A website (Well I don't know how much that would be)

So all in all we would have to spend: 12€-24,50€ per month.
But I'd like to give all the people in the Crew supporter badges. I guess if a rookie gets better he'd get a 'Supporter Badge' and maybe if people are doing great jobs like extra help here and there they'd get 'Silver/Gold Badge'.

How do you like the idea? Should I say more? I'd really like to start something like that.
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LucK_ 2014年6月1日上午7:07 
Would the training be free, because I don't see anyone paying money to learn how to play Ns2. If you're interested in the game like me, you'll watch videos, competitive matches and learn via trial and error.

But I also like the idea of teaching more advanced tactics, I just don't feel many will be interested.
最后由 LucK_ 编辑于; 2014年6月1日上午7:07
estier 2014年6月1日上午7:11 
Yeah it would be totally free.
LucK_ 2014年6月1日上午7:15 
引用自 estier
Yeah it would be totally free.
You could always host a server and use Skype - freeee. I'd be down to hang in some training server - even though I know a lot about the game I need to get better at Alien comm :)
最后由 LucK_ 编辑于; 2014年6月1日上午7:16
estier 2014年6月1日上午7:21 
I don't like skype ts3 is better for clans/crews and games and yes I could host one but the ping would be like 400 for the others
estier 2014年6月1日上午8:12 
And there goes the nice comment :/ Who ever offered that nice offer. Add me maybe?
最后由 estier 编辑于; 2014年6月1日上午8:15
Pielord 2014年6月1日下午12:18 
Instead of a website you could use a Steam group.
or can help players with youtube videos , let em watch and copy
estier 2014年6月2日上午4:41 
Yes, but if they have a question they can ask the mentor and he'll help the person.
Warforce17 2014年6月2日上午5:22 
or can help players with youtube videos , let em watch and copy

Does´t work for some reason. I have tried.
Source: See my rookiegroup.
最后由 Warforce17 编辑于; 2014年6月2日上午5:22
they watched all videos by super effective yet? or just see 1 video and jump in play ?
Jackson 2014年6月2日下午7:39 
引用自 Warforce17
or can help players with youtube videos , let em watch and copy

Does´t work for some reason. I have tried.
Source: See my rookiegroup.

2 reasons :
1) People can't be bothered. They just don't want to watch and read during five hours to learn how to play a game (which in this case could have granted them hours of fun and intense action, and saved them 50hrs of crappy rookie games)
2) People who really want to get into this game will find out by themselves; either by practicing (and some of them would be gamers from CS and games like that that can use their brain or have a solid base) or watching videos. Some will come and ask for help, but most won't.

If it requires too much effort to "have fun" or "play" , people just don't do it :)
Teacher of Starcraft2 , im mean NS2 will need those people like that
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