estier 2014年5月25日上午11:58
New Map - Zoo (WIP)

I'm creating a map right know and it will take some time but I guess it will be worth it. I'd like to show you one pic of the lobby. (WIP) What do you think? Do you like the lobby? What do you tink will come? Ideas? <--- how to make it as a pic in here?
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Tsherm00 2014年5月25日下午8:15 
cool looks cool so far
estier 2014年5月26日上午4:57 
I'm glad that you like it but I think the lobby is too small because if the round ends and 2 onos and 1 suit run around in the lobby it would cause some bugs
Tsherm00 2014年5月26日上午10:45 
oh ok
Tsherm00 2014年5月26日上午10:45 
well try to expand one side then?
Tsherm00 2014年5月26日上午10:49 
nice it looks better when will it be done?
estier 2014年5月26日上午10:52 
It will take some time right now I'm spending like 3-5h per day on it
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