Nalfein_Dyrr Jul 9 @ 11:11am
latency issues
hi all, im from Argentina and i really love this game. My problem recalls on latency, playing on US server i got 300+ ms ...kinda sucks. There is any way i can get lower ping?
thanks in advice
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ZeroEArTh Jul 10 @ 3:30am 
play with Brazil server? tag BR
Parity Jul 10 @ 4:11pm 
Find servers closer to your location, latency is higher the further away from the server you are.
NobleNemesis Jul 11 @ 12:39am 
You're not alone friend, even up here in Canada, just a few hours from the American border, I get minimal servers under 100 ping, 5 at most during any given time.
Azure Zero Jul 11 @ 8:32am 
It's true, but even servers slightly above a ping of 100 are still good
Gray Raven Jul 11 @ 2:12pm 
Hola, yo tmb soy de argentina, conosco a alguien que tiene un server, este es su grupo de steam: NS2 Sudamérica
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