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This "Surrender" feature is dumb
Whats the fun in playing a game thats supposed to be "competetive" - (another thing i have discussed about no immersion into the game, the entire thing feeling "arcade") - when everyone are just SURRENDERING everytime they have like 1 less base than the enemy. Say for example 10 minutes have past in the game, noone has any upgrades yet the humans have control of 60% the map, SURRENDER! You didnt eaven touch their base. Just surrender -_-

Please remove this feature from the game as it just makes it stupid. People say they are waiting for "Balanced teams" by doing this but honestly that wont happen if everyone just gives up for the slightest reason. And eaven IF balanced teams happen they will anyways surrender before the opposing team gets the satisfaction of burning/eating the enemy base. When game released i remembered those epic last-stand moments as marines where we fend off the aliens as we tried to survive in our last base pinned down with aliens caming from every corner. And we actually did survive for around 10 mins sometimes, sometimes we eaven survived long enough to gather resources with our last nozzle and changed the game around and WON! THATS something awesome and defenetively one of the best moments i remember from this game.

Make surrender something way more rare as if example, the enemy team has 5 less players or something that should really make then surrender. That would be something to force people into teamworking, the whole point of the game because currently when an enemy team seems to be "loosing" i notice they give up on working as a team. People start going yolo 1vs7 dying with no teamwork at all, thus the reason they fail and surrender

Also the way this game works feels a bit like mercs eating noobs...personally i aim like ♥♥♥♥ in this game as marine and worse as a alien. End up dying a lot but i have fun...the 10 mins the round lasts before a team surrenders

Things people have posted that can help improve the system:

1. Also another idea that might help, if both teams are getting tired of that "TURTLE" thing or teams truly are unbalanced then both teams will have to vote to succesfully restart the game because otherwise the team that are loosing will allways just keep on conceding simply because they want to loose faster -_-

2. Surrender should only exist in ranked games wich they should add
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Natural Selection 2 > Γενικές συζητήσεις > Λεπτομέρειες θέματος
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