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Grey Warden 25. čvc. v 3.50 dop.
Accidentally skipped one time optimization
the game is working fine for now but should I try to force the one time optimization just in case? If so, how ?
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Warforce17 25. čvc. v 4.31 dop. 
You dont have to. If you join your next game the game will be optimized making the loading process a tad longer for that particular round.
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Ghoul 25. čvc. v 5.29 dop. 
The one time optimization message should have been removed a long time ago.

It was usefull before texture streaming was enabled for everyone.

Now it has no real purpose anymore other than prerendering the shaders. Which is also otherwise done while you load up the first time you join a server after a update.

Tl:dr: The optimization is not needed anymore, skip it and safe yourself some time.
Naposledy upravil Ghoul; 25. čvc. v 5.30 dop.
Grey Warden 25. čvc. v 6.15 dop. 
thanks guys =D
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