Natural Selection 2
Fade shadowstep problem
Hi, I'm relatively new to the game and am trying to learn to play as fade. I've been attempting to do shadowstep using shift + w/a/s/d keys but it doesnt do anything except move its arms and switch to vortex for a split second. Am I missing something here?
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Actually I don't think it's even vortex it's switching to, its a picture of a skull and I can't find it on the NS2 wiki and have no idea what it even does.
Maybe you need to check your controls, what you describe is "stab" (a powerful attack which makes 125 dmg but is slow) this is the third tier fade ability. It's an attack. Well anyway, shadowstep has been nerfed hard, and isn't even used any longer. As a commander I don't even research fade abilities, blink is enough. For example, pro players are working an a different build for competitive NS2 and they removed shadowstep and replaced it with another ability. Just to say that shadowstep isn't even necesary nor useful to be a good fade. Try to hit and run (run in, two swipes to remove armor, get out, come back a few secs laters, two swipes, marine is dead) or get a few swipes while straffing, and you're gonna be fine. If you ever get below 250hp or have no armor left, get the ♥♥♥♥ out.
Sounds like you´ve been playing on a server with comp mod(a mod that is used in every competitive match). There is no shadowstep, but metabolize instead(it regenerates your health and adrenaline and is very useful while travelling).

(To jackson: Stab icon is not a skull and cant be used from shift unless your attack key is shift.)
With 1 hive(3 Bio), you can get metabolize, which gives you energy when you press shift w/ about a 3-second or so cooldown.
With 2 hives(5 Bio), you can get advanced metabolize, which gives you HP as well when you hit shift.
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