Straj 2014年7月24日上午1:49
Authentication faield
I can't connect to any NS2 room. Authentication and than timeout error. I have this trouble for 3 month, and before I played normal above 6 month. Tied already. Could someone write me a solutions for this?
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Straj 2014年7月24日上午1:50 
I tried to reinstall the game - don't help
Azure Zero 2014年7月24日上午5:29 
If you subscribed to anything, unsubscribe from it,
Un-install Game
Enter the \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming Folder and Delete NaturalSelection 2
Re-install game
Straj 2014年7月24日上午10:14 
I already tryed to unsubscribe from all modification. By i will try to do step by step like you writed. Thanks
Straj 2014年7月26日下午10:54 
Tryed 2 times - it doesn't work. Any other ideas?
Straj 2014年7月26日下午10:57 
Oh, no. something strange. To one serwers I can join, to others - problems with authentication
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