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mephisto Jul 31, 2014 @ 2:55am
why is this game dying?
I just saw that there are only 230 players worldwide playing right now...
How is this possible with such a great game? It has excellent game mechanics, a good netcode and a fluid engine on mediocre pc's.
I'ts just a pitty...
Does anybody know how many copies were sold entirely?

We should all convince our friends to play this game more often again ;-)
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Cannon FodderAUS Jul 31, 2014 @ 4:10am 
Lots from memory. But the steep learning curve does drive alot of ppl away. Also, the performance initially was not great (uber PC for mediocore performance). Things have improved alot, and the new CDT is doing a great job, but the peak probably has passed unless a popular youtube personality give it a jolt.
Keijo Jul 31, 2014 @ 5:20am 
Well I played few days ago and it was kinda the same old thing again.

Game 1: We win, but the other team is raging for 45mins. I ask that why don't you just concede guys? They say they have 4 rookies who don't know how to concede.

Game 2: We were kinda losing badly from the start and we had a commander that absolutely refused to concede, so we turtled with 2 bases and 2 rts for 30mins until it finally ended and my blood prssure had raised to 130/200 at that point.

Game 3: people went to smoke and someone voted random i guess, the smokers were all marines and the commander ragequit and when i came back from smoke break the aliens were♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥us at spawn and then people tried to vote restart round, but it never passed from several attempts best was 7/9 votes.

At that point i kinda realized I didn't wan' to play anymore lol.
mephisto Jul 31, 2014 @ 5:29am 
the vote concede thing can be overcome by going into the ready room.
But you are right, if you are playing with not enough friends, the game can become frustrating really quick.

@cannon fodder:
I know at least one popular youtuber (frankieonpcin1080p) who made two or 3 videos about ns2 and only told great things about the game - but it didn't help much...
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Cannon FodderAUS Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:03am 
yeah, the problem is everyone that play it said its a great game (and it is), but you actually have to spend time to learn the game (*gasp no instant satisfaction). And definately no lucky kills, its skill all the way. So new players leave after a bit, because they are frustrated with the game (as Keijo said, it takes too long to get a really really good game that you say, that was awesome). While the space for other games are mediocore experiences, but its an ok experience all the time.
mephisto Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:18am 
let's wrap it up - too many casual players nowadays :-)

The question for me is: Why do so many ppl play cs: go?
It's also extremely hard to learn, and to get really good you have to spend much more time playing then in NS2.
Cannon FodderAUS Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:35am 
Goron Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:50am 
Originally posted by mephisto:
let's wrap it up - too many casual players nowadays :-)

The question for me is: Why do so many ppl play cs: go?
It's also extremely hard to learn, and to get really good you have to spend much more time playing then in NS2.

Shelterstone Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:51am 
I´m not sure why its dying or if its dying .. I don´t really care as long as we can fill 1 server with enough people for a decent match. When that is no longer manageable I´ll just have to say my goodbyes aswell.

Maybe its the learning curve, maybe its ppl being more used to gun fights and not liking aliens so much, maybe its performance problems (yes it still has it, i have medium/high specs and still have to lower textures cause it causes micro s.lutter .. tho I play BF4 at 60 fps high profile with no problems), maybe ppl just wanna go for high playerbase games cuz that makes them feel cooler .. I seriously dont know.

Still a fun game to play <3

EDIT: Also ns2 is a very teamwork/communication dependent game, and obviously that doesnt always happen (rarely does actually depending on the server) and thus leading to unbalance and to 3-5 minute matchs that are no fun for either side.
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⎛Zii⎞ Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:52am 
Because the devs wouldn't stop updating until all the fun was sucked out.
Keijo Jul 31, 2014 @ 8:10am 
Yeah for me and i think for 90% of everyone the end game has always been the achilles heel of ns2. Having to fight back without no chance to win is just so pointless. My heart is crying every minute I have to waste on a lost battle.

Learning curves and skill ceilings are just positive thing for me I absolutely love them because no games these days have any of that. But I have to say that maybe like some extremely nerdy lerk movements go lil bit too far:P.

When I was playing long time ago during a sale, the rookies absolutely loved the game and the classes but the problem was that they had so big difficulties killing the last base of the other that they left after 2hours forever.

Like it's really big issue for new players during sales and so that they can't end the game and everyone dies to boredom.

But the point is that people don't hate ns2 because of the gameplay/mechanics but the rts style pointless end game fights.
♥♥♥♥ all other claims, my i5-4670K and GTX-560 should have been achieving higher frame rates early on during release. I'm nto gonna wast emy time on an unstable game. Gamers flock to games with high learning curves.

They flock away fromg ames with performance issues.
Keijo Jul 31, 2014 @ 11:07am 
It's also that it's kinda the game where you really really need good performance that like in most games it doesn't really matter if you get fps drops and so but in ns2 it's a total death blow, if you can't run the endgame well it's totally unplayable as a game for you.

Like if you get 40 fps as fade lategame it's totally unplayable you just can't control it at all. So while many games have performance issues, ns2 is a game where you absolutely cannot have them or you are useless.
Wot? Swooty? Jul 31, 2014 @ 12:02pm 
Short answer: Its a MP Game. Only MP... Today a MP Game needs these things:
- MatchMaking with Elo Ranking
- Ranking list
- Unlocks
- level up system
- Team Matchmaking with Elo / Ranking.

I like Ns2 and some days I still play it. Iam very happy with the game. But with these things the game would be one of the most played on steam. Same for insrugency. Great game but without Team MM und Ranking / Unlocks no one will play it. Today a game needs some kind of motivation. (yes i know, this is sad). And unlocks, lvl and ranking are a big motivation.

have fun with the game all. Cu
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Originally posted by mephisto:
let's wrap it up - too many casual players nowadays :-)

The question for me is: Why do so many ppl play cs: go?
It's also extremely hard to learn, and to get really good you have to spend much more time playing then in NS2.

cuz you can get skins. Those skins are sometimes woth over 100$. So, even if you don´t like the game. For little kids, it´s a good way to get money.
mephisto Jul 31, 2014 @ 12:45pm 
you have to buy keys with money to open boxes where good skins are in. I don'T think many kids are doing this.
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