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@BaboonLord  [developer] Dec 8, 2016 @ 6:17am
Server Status
Where can I see server status?
Right here:

Free to play related
Why is the game not F2P now?
We would like to form and shape the game with a smaller number of dedicated players before we open it up to a broader market and make it F2P.

How will you handle pay to win?
We aim at making payments equal to quicker progression and more options, rather than higher chances of winning. Our goal is that the pro players will be able to use decks without supreme and legendary cards and still have an equal chance against pro players who use a lot of them. The very rare cards in the game should provide fun variation, rather than better chances of winning and we’re focusing on making common cards powerful as well.

When will the game be F2P?
That might happen when we leave early access and launch the game. We are probably launching in Q1 or Q2 2018. We have some big partners taking part in the launch and we have to coordinate with them along the way, but it should get pretty crazy, in a positive way :)

Social, Info and News related
Do you have a Discord channel?
No, but some cool community members made one that you can join

Is there a wiki?
Yes, there's one in the works, but we would love your support to improve it, so feel free to add info on it:

What's your Twitter/Facebook?
Babonlord also has a twitter:

Premium Upgrade related
What is the Premium Upgrade?
It includes both a great instant value package as well as long term progress boosts that will enable you to acquire new content faster.

Will the Premium Upgrade be available after launch?

How does Minion Masters relate to FORCED?
It’s in the same universe, but a different crazy show from C-SAR.
We’re bringing a lot of the same cool characters and enemies with us, and even giving players the ability to take control of some of their favorite bosses :)

Can I help out? :)
We like you too! :) And yes, please spread the word about the game, give us feedback, stream it, upload videos etc.

Can I give feedback and report bugs?
Yes indeed, here’s quick how to: link
But in general. anytime you play the game, make sure to write your opinions and thoughts on the steam forums and report ALL the weird bugs you find.

Is it coming to any other platforms?
Yes Xbox One!

Platforms related
Will there be Linux and OSX support?
It's not currently prioritized, as we have quite some things we'd like to implement first. But hopefully we'll get there in the future like we did with our other games.

If I have more questions?
Just post a New Discussion in the forum and either we or our nice community will answer you :)
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