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Cymindis Sep 29, 2012 @ 9:09am
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord wishlist
What do you want in Bannerlord?
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Warren Moon Sep 29, 2012 @ 10:03am 
More factions maybe. One that is like Samurai or Hoplites?
Cymindis Sep 29, 2012 @ 11:56am 
Originally posted by Leonus:
More factions maybe. One that is like Samurai or Hoplites?

Yes to both
42 Sep 29, 2012 @ 1:44pm 
More in-depth unit types, and the ability to build fortifications, multiple siege towers, and destructible environments, also the ability to use fire on the battlefield. for unit types, spearmen beat cavalry, cavalry beat swordsman, archers beat swords and spearmen, cav beat archers. Also, the ability to upgrade villages to towns, and rename cities you conquer. Also, more opening battle options and the ability to plan ambushes and sneak over the castle walls with ninjas or a trojan horse-esque sneak attack, and commander battles for multiplayer and better graphics and the ability to control formations, and invent new ones that units will fall into, and a more intuitive command interface that includes, moveto orders and shield walls for nords.

maybe ships........:)
also, multiple siege ladders, its annoying getting shoved off those things, a religious systemw you have to curry favor with the cardinals and eventually pope and a swingwheel for combat so you can strike and block from all directions, also a bob and weave dodge system and i want to be able to see the prison tower i built in dhirim and the mill i built in ruvar
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[HL] Hoffmann Sep 29, 2012 @ 2:12pm 
Better accuracy for archers like me, like the kind of arrows/bolts, more damage :D
[KBS]Cloudenvy Sep 29, 2012 @ 3:06pm 
I would love to see a multiplayer campaign.
Cymindis Sep 29, 2012 @ 4:01pm 
Originally posted by jomor88:
More in-depth unit types, and the ability to build fortifications, multiple siege towers, and destructible environments, also the ability to use fire on the battlefield. for unit types, spearmen beat cavalry, cavalry beat swordsman, archers beat swords and spearmen, cav beat archers. Also, the ability to upgrade villages to towns, and rename cities you conquer. Also, more opening battle options and the ability to plan ambushes and sneak over the castle walls with ninjas or a trojan horse-esque sneak attack, and commander battles for multiplayer and better graphics and the ability to control formations, and invent new ones that units will fall into, and a more intuitive command interface that includes, moveto orders and shield walls for nords.

maybe ships........:)

maybe ships??????
I love this list.
Joey1245 Sep 29, 2012 @ 5:54pm 
WAAAY more advanced options for custom battles. The ability to click on an "Advanced Options" button that will allow you to choose each and every soldier. That way, instead of clicking 0% for musketmen (since they really annoy me) and then STILL have infantry who have guns, I can just deslect that troop and he wont be in the battle. We can also choose how many men to put in for each team. If I want 100 Winged Hussars, I can just type in 100 next to the Winged Hussars box. And also make it so we can choose which number to assign those troops that we picked to. It will allow for WAY more in-depth battles allowing you to command groups of troops that you have picked and grouped together. The thing I love about Mount and Blade the most is the extremely detailed and addicting custom battles. With just those few extra options, people may stick with the game even longer if they get bored with campaign.
[TMF] Scipio_Merc Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:16pm 
[top was cut off due to so much text, it was saying nerf cav because they are so strong]

likewise, i want a after death playthough system so that a person can view the battle as it unfolds. and if the player is to wounded to continue, not play as a companion but like have a third person view of the fight, or be able to give orders to your troops with a time to complete, as if a messenger gave the orders.

multiplayer enhancement, such as such a huge map that the player would be able to have a 15 player map, invite his/her friends into it, and they can have a go of it. this would require about half the size of skyrim for example in number of castles and at least 5x the factions that were present in warband. a multiplayer campaign would make this game soooooo much more attractive then it already is.

speaking of attractive, i think every person that plays the game would say this exact same thing, MAKE THE CHARACTERS AND character customization, MUCH BETER.

i want to be able to fortify a castle. need to use siege equipment, such as a ram, have boiling oil, trap pits, baliste, able to craft anti personel weapons such as a catapult if you get your engeneering up high enough. there are so many possibilities with this machanic that i wont even blow the time writing it.

for weapons and character skill, remove the ability to put points into character weapon proficiency, that will make the game much more realistic without hurting the core machanic that we all know and love. also, add about 1/4 more xp per level, so as to increase the amount of time it would require to get to insainly high levels, i have a lvl 38, with nearly 4 areas with 300+ prof, although i spent like over 200 hours over a year or so and after winning the map moved my char over to new saves to do other things, making the levels harder to get would be nice. either make the traits you can skill into more powerful, or nerf them so that they are less prominant, it should be priority to choose whether the hero you make is a dragonballz type of person with insain powers after you get to like lvl 30, or have them slightly enhance the areas. have schools, and other places that can slightly increase your different areas slightly. this area should possess a complete overhaul and be made to increase or decrease the longevity of time before a good character arises.

a ship machanic for this type of game is perhaps difficult, but there would open a new door to different skills and techniques, and matters of engagement. but one must know that to do a machanic like this, the AI of the game must be dumped, and redone in its entirety. you could think of it as say, you give orders while everyone on board fights, your character could be taken by AI. but how could you choose how to begin the sea fight? this is a very complicated subject for banner, and i would hesitate to say if they should implimant it. i love the idea of having naval invasions, where you land with stairs down onto a beach where an enemy awaits deployed to recieve your troops, and you have to fight your way up to the castle, like in the movie "Troy".

And speaking of troy, with its tall walls and elite army. there is much that one could take from this. you could have it where during conflict you could destroy the walls to get into the city, and if you take it, you have to spend money, send out a caravan, and repair the walls over time. this would add a great part to the game. this also would allow you to blow all that 100k's that you have after you make your empire. i would like to see more options with cities, small militia, bandits being able to attack your town if you havent hired or stationed a good enough of a garison. and being able to build a town armory and barracks will alow you to train militia to recrute from into your ranks, and or place into defence of the town, this will add some realism to it, instead of randomly finding bandits in your towns, have guardians to fight off the enemy. other then what i said about the defence of cities and towns, you should be able to upgrade your city and castles, such as building bigger walls, reinfocment of gates, training of troops for different areas of the city. and how you would be able to do this is one of personaly 2 ways, one is you could do it like in Assasins Creed where you could talk to certain people and pay for the upgrades, or just have a browser from the city menu where you can select them. or, you could have it where you go into a overview of the city, and can select a number of different upgrades for your city. and like in real life, these enhancements should take a very very very long time to complete, such as upgrading your walls. but instead of a upgrade tree for these things, one should be able to go from wooden walls up to great walls of magnificence, decreasing the time it would take to build from each tier. such as in realife. you also need to make it more expensive to go from each tier to the next, because it would be such a venture to add onto your walls you already have. this type of thing has been done very weakly in mods and things before, and is shown faintly in the actual game. i hope to see a incredible rebuild of this feature.

[End of part 1]
[TMF] Scipio_Merc Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:20pm 
[Part 2]

now onto troop tree's, i believe that there should be a enlarged tech tree for soldiers. it has to feel real when you upgrade these men, you should be able to make say, a camp in the woods, and upgrade it with large amounts of amenities. you also need populations for cities towns etc. you should have wide areas between each town and city, this will allow for a range of different machanics you can use. imagine this, and stay with me. a person when managing a group needs to provide logistics, maintenence, repairs for equipment, blacksmiths, retainers for the troops, retainers for the animals, like the horses. managing an army must, simply must cost so much more money then it did in warband. for your character to make his/her beginings, dependent on the time, you need to do different things to earn enough money to either equip yourself and go off to war with a lord, such as in britainwalda where you could be in[End PT2]
[TMF] Scipio_Merc Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:21pm 
[Part 3]

a lords party and enlist in a soldier, this machanic must be implamented! there are other paths that could be explored, such as beter alotence for different paths for a character. implimenting more moral based affects, but being able to decide what your band should be. from the starting menu where you decide everything, what you select as your beginings need to have more affect on how your character is viewed, such as if you select father was a war hero, or your father was a poacher, then depending on that your character should be more approved of or spat at in the streets. you need to have a much larger amound of items for the character choice, not only for just options to chose, but more things as your character is growing up, you could also have where your character is young, like 13, a boy, going out on his own to seek fortune, other then that you could decide when to stop going through your characters life at any point (after say 15, 13 was an example), you could stop at 15, and be very young, and lack experiance, but have increased vitality, and agility. or you could stop at say, 50, and be more brittle, but have a fountain of experiances and traits you picked up. going back to the actual adventure, when you earn enough money, you should be able to start a camp somewhere in the wild, where ever you please. and in this camp, you can go to towns and villages and request if anyone would wish to immagrate to your camp, (note i would just die if they implimented this, it would make me giddy, and im in my 20's :P but not just this listen) from there, you can build walls for your camp, and train the men and women to defend themselves from bandits and runaway men. here is another breakoff for a moment, when you find bandits, it must be implimented where you can convince some of them to leave their ways behind, and invite them to join your growing camp. there can be times where they try and betray your kindness, but you should feel good knowing that you gave people a way out. there can be auto immagration slowly from different places from low levels of people when you first create this camp, such as beggers and such that wish for a new life. when they immagrate, they are called immagrants, and travel to your city (remember the population? its getting good now :3 ) as a party and can be attacked by any matter of things. now here is another bit, wild animal packs. they can attack your party in forests or plains, and can do major damage. wounding needs to be much more seviour, having light, damaged, or critical wounds, where troops can still die if unable to treat these wounds, sicknend troops also need to be implimented, plagues that kill citizens and other, and ways to manage this are a must as well. here is a way to manage implimenting this, have squads that engage, this will add onto tactical and player interface. you can choose where troops go, and each has a companion, yes, here is where compainions come in, they are people known around wherever the game will take place, and if you convince them to join you, you can put them in charge of various things, or have them make their own camp, and manage it, or have them lead squads in your army. in your camp, eventualy if you get enough people you can declare it a town, and begin to explore options with how to designate its focuses, such as, blacksmithing, agriculture, you name the options. now, here comes another fun part, when your camp becomes a town, factions will send emisarries to induct you under their protection, you can deny their offeres, with various consequences, or accept, with the offer of nobility, continued controll over your town, financial offerings, and other things and join that faction. or deny and remain neutral with possible reprocutions. if you are not faced with agression by a faction, then you will now find trading with different towns and cities an option for your towns goods. now you start earning money from your towns revenue, and can start to upgrading from a town into various options, eventualy if you are not destroyed, which brings up a topic i will bring up after this point, you can become a larger town and so on with various options, from a camp to a large town, you can then chose to make it a castle with great defences and a focus on military, or a city with multiple focuses, and increased income and trade. and after you chose this step of a castle or a city, you can either declare yourself an independent lord, king, queen, or you can send word to a faction and request either protection (become a protectorate) or join their faction. the options will increase and increase as it grows, eventualy able to make camps near it by moving population to a empty camp you setup, and then hire a prominant person AKA a companion, and send them with the people you decire to have in the camp, and ither have it controlled by you, or completly autogoverned by your companion, with their management, engeneering, and intelligence skills as the factor for progress. now that i have covered a good amount of what you could do positivly, when you found your camp, you chose what you make it, raider, spy, bandit, standard, thieves, and many more, you can have many options for what it should build as.
(on a side note, population should be set as people with professions, having many engeneers will reduce how long it takes to build something, and so on)
for say a bandit camp, you can explore options with how to hide your camp from others, such as different areas as creating an underground lair. you could go with a castle idea, but after the word gets out your a bandit, you will simply be attacked by lords(bad idea) , but it should be a choice for what the player feels like doing. for theives, you have to be hidden as well, but it will give your character the ability to send men to towns and cities to steal wealth, eventualy being able to currupt parts of towns and be able to chipoff a margine of the towns income, your men in the system may be caught at any time and killed, but this adds more varriety to the game, and so many options with using these types of camps by the control of a city you made can be useful to combatting other factions.
(fewww thought i would never finish with that part :3 theres so much stuff :P) [End PT3]
[TMF] Scipio_Merc Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:21pm 
[Part 4 Final]

next should be the one of the last topics i want to recomend.

This is the matter of destructible towns and castles and cities, this is a very real scenario, where after conquring a town castle or city, the winner chooses to destroy the city and plundar its wealth, or the city burns to nothing during battle. when the map starts there is a certain amound of cities and towns that are created, after time, different camps will be randomly created by the factions that controll the cities. the way to make sure that it doesnt get to out of hand is to have the AI destroy towns, or slay inhabitants, and such, thats just how you wouldnt have over 100 towns on the map. being able to actualy wipe the map clean of faction towns, and only having your own left is a possibility. you also can take controll of a town away from a factions control, it should no longer be lockedonto a city. having enough money to actualy buy a city or town or whathaveyou from a factions lord who owns that property is also a venture. this will add diversity to gameplay in general, if you know you cannot hold a certain castle or city from a enemy faction, take the city, then loot and burn the entire city, leaving only the walls standing. you can choose how much damage you will inflict, the more damage the more you will earn, but the less the city is worth.
(thats prety much it :P shore topic)

next is the matter of diplomacy. a player [if he is a independant] should be able to establish communication to other factions or towns, which there can be the random time where independant towns spring up, and you can offer them to join you and such, with different methods of convincing them, if they are a different type then you, it could be difficult to pursued them to join you, you could also take them over by force, or destroy them and take eeverything they own, when attacking a evil karma type of camp, expect to have resistence with dificulty dependant to how large the town or camp is. if you are a king, then you can pay tribute to other factions for protection, forge alliances with them, forge non-agression pacts, offer your services in exchange for money and resources, etc. you can also contact factions that you recieve word has a prominant person in a certain field, and can send a emmisary to contact them and requisition that person to join you, either the person or the faction can refurse, options should be a small sum a normal sum a large sum or a substancial sum, each will help in the decisions of each party.
[Note these are brainstorms and should have some work done on these consepts to make them proper]

Welcome, those who have actualy read my entire thesis of what should be implimented to our precious MBII, To the final recomendation

My final theory to what must be implimented is people that will come and inform you of events, such as emisaries and informants, Etc. these will be real parties on the map, depending on what you wish to send, you can send the person alone, or with an escort, depending on what you are doing. this will add realism, if you intersept an informant, say your enemies, you will gain information about enemy possitions and can plan attacks from there.this also means that population transfers do infact move in a party on the map, and can fall underattack without you knowing if its out of your line of sight, this will open the path to needing watch towers and different information collection stations.

Note that all of this is just what i truly believe that mount and blade should have, mount and blade has such incredible potential and so much to build on, it is something that i enjoy playing, and hope that someone that can actualy tell someone in taleworlds to read this, does. mount and blade has more potential then any other game thats on the market, it offeres a real time stratagy, first person shooter, castle defence, oh it has a bit of EVERY genre, and that is why its such a great game, because it satisfies every craving.

if anyone ever wants to discuss ideas on what they think should be in the game, add me on steam, i'd enjoy the discussion.

-Scipio Merc
[Names I Go By]
zkdex Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:26pm 
I hope to see the same graphics though.
[TMF] Scipio_Merc Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:29pm 
i hope that the graphics options are extended, lol i cannot believe that i didn- oh ya, that was part of what was cut off, oh well wtv, i spent a good amount of time writing that, lol, i know that taleworlds will do what needs to be done
Myke Sep 30, 2012 @ 6:47am 
Multiplayer campaign, either co-op or counter-op. Deeper town/castle metagame, maybe the ability to cultivate a hamlet into a fully-garrisoned city over time. Better strategic options on the world map, like splitting your force for an ambush or fortifying on a hilltop. Some extra class types like standard-bearers or ballisticians might be nice, too. Multiplayer's fine, but I wouldn't be upset if they expanded it :]
Tacticalretreat Sep 30, 2012 @ 8:21am 
a coop campaing were both of u have a party each
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