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12e Regiment de la Grenadiers de-la-pied de Guards recruitment page (we are from the US so yes,we do speak english we arent actually french)
Hi! we are a new reg and we do have line battles and we are public. we are very good at commanding troops during line battles and we are very disciplined and are not immature. this is my 4th reg and cody's(he is the leader im the second command) 5th reg. we have training all most everyday at 6pm eastern time. all training and LB are eastern time.LB are on the weekends including friday, and training is during the week. LB are at noon or later (eastern time) or on fridays they are at 7pm or later. add me if u would like to join, or post a comment below.
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renamed 12e Ligne
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had to get rid of a few becuase of inactivity.
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