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Zourin Dec 7, 2013 @ 11:01pm
Random Things Learned:
- You can select multiple groups for orders by Shift queuing. Holding SHIFT and pressing 1 & 2 will give joint orders to both infantry and archers.

- Taking out the enemy lords in a battle will 'break' the enemy discipline and they will go into a charge. This will also prevent reinforcements from entering the battle. This is usually when you see multiple sequential combats until you get the 100-vs-1 rout and things finally end.

- Those enemy lords are usually on the far right of their formation. That's 'your left'.

- You can issue movement orders in the command console (Backspace). This can be handy for directing a cavalry flank RTS style. Directing cavalry to 'hold' a spot on one side of a formation, then telling them to 'hold position' on the opposite side of a formation will result in an absolutely devastating cavalry charge without them lingering to get attacked for very long.

- Lord faction troops commit to one of three strategies. If they grossly outnumber you they will charge. If you're on even par, they will form up into a huge line and begin manuvering, usually to your left. If they are disadvantaged, they will camp on a hill in a double line. This predictability makes RTS-maneuvering cavalry stupidly easy if the terrain is the least bit flat.

- Enemies on the map without LOS will always run at you, not your formations. This can make undisciplined forces like bandits chase you in circles while ranged units pick apart those that don't give chase.

- Reorder your troops depending on what you plan on fighting. If you are going against bandits and the like, putting your elites down at the bottom will help your trainees rank up by populating more of them in the field.

- The two most valuable companions you will EVER have will be your medic (Surgery, First Aid, Wound Treatment) and your Pathfinder (Pathfinding, Spotting, Tracking). Put them at the bottom, keep them there.

- You can reassign units to different groups. If you only have a handful of cavalry units, it's probably better to group them with your infantry. If you have vulnerable units like Peasant Women or Recruits, you can assign them to an 'always retreat' group so they don't get killed or wounded.

- Dismissing units is useful until you have a castle to 'bank' units. As a freelancer, consider keeping your troop size small (30-40) so you can get around faster and catch up to bandits. If you sign on as a mercenary, do some mass recruiting to bulk up your forces (the gains from Training will be VERY effective), then release most of them when you let the contract expire. This will make expenses manageable.

- If you are seiging a castle, unless they constitute a bulk of your melee forces, reorganize cavalry units to the bottom of the list.

- Don't rush sieges. Let your ranged units do most of the work from outside the walls until the wall archers are all but dealt with.

- If staying small and the local bandits are able to rough up your formations (such as Khergit/Sarranid mounted bandits vs Rhodok troops), consider hiring and training some locals on a temporary basis to reinforce your core squad while in that territory. If you can't outrun them, outnumber them and they'll stay away.

- Manhunters are the easiest-to-get cavalry in the game. If you want prisoners, these guys will deliver in piles if you actively recruit them in force. Being mounted, they are fast in the field. With a good Pathfinder, you can 'recruit' other captured manhunters, and even score the hard-to-get peasant women from hotspots like Sarranid and Khergit territories.

- Never, ever, ever, ever. Ever, ever, ever. Ever, etc, put points into "Leader" skills with companions. Points in Inventory Management, Prisoner Management, and Leadership are only effective if YOU have them. Yes, there are some useless♥♥♥♥♥♥with 7 points thrown in there, so consider how they will contribute carefully.
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Thanks for sharing; I never knew #1, that's gonna be helpful in organizing a two-way cavalry charge.

As for #5, I've seen cases where lords with less than 25 troops charging blindly into my bulk of Rhodok Spearmen and Nord Veteran lines and get annihilated by twice the amount of sharpshooters than their numbers, and I thought it had something to do with the lords' traits or whatever.

I seem to recall that, back in the days, I could use Shift + "move up"/"move down" button to fast reorganize my army, but for some reason it's not working, Or was it just me going crazy
Speirs(Knight) Dec 8, 2013 @ 11:51am 
thanks for the novel! :D
Sohei Dec 9, 2013 @ 6:23am 
So companions don't benefit from leader skills even if you make them into vassals? I had considered giving them some skills to buff up their armies once they become vassals.
Roy Dec 9, 2013 @ 7:54am 
Didn't know some of those, thanks a lot!
Sesh Dec 9, 2013 @ 2:26pm 
Companions do benefit from leadership skills when\if they lead thier own parties.
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Zourin Dec 10, 2013 @ 9:18pm 
if/when, and even then, renown will factor more than skills just like the player.
Randy Dec 11, 2013 @ 3:18am 
I disagree on the companion thing. While the medicine skills are must have, Trainer is very important for replacing lost troops and training quickly. Trainer stacks within your party so if you put a lot of points on several party members and yourself you get absurd amounts of expierence for your troops. Put enough points into it and your men will rank up quicker just waiting around then battles.

Engineer is also important if you want to seige anything without a good engineer you will take absurd amounts of time building siege towers, giving the enemy plently of time to attack you outside stopping you in your tracks.

Tatics is important to field more troops on the map at once. Also plays a part in auto battles and retreating.

Trade,Inventory,Looting,Prison Management are all good for making a lot of money.

All the Party skills are good to have, but Training is a must and engineer later on.

kaiyl_kariashi Dec 11, 2013 @ 4:14am 
It's actually best to handle party skills yourself, since if the PC raises the skills they get an extra bonus on top (and lets face it, combat skills are basically pointless since lance combat and crossbows can easily carry you to victory with no skill investment, are immediately useful, and only need 11 base str to equip everything required for maximum effectiveness, and you're still deadly as hell when using other weapons, you're swings just pack less punch and are slightly slower which can be compensated for). Most of the party skills have benefits all the way up to 15, and the ONLY way to reach that is to have the PC reach 10 in a skill and get the reference books that add +1 while held, plus the +4 PC bonus for having 10 in a party skill.

The game implies you need an NPC AND the PC...but that's not true, the PC gains the extra bonus even if he's the only one with the skill, allowing you to reach the 15 max for any skill that has a reference book (you can also save a couple points by using the +1 books for the applicable skills for your 10th point).
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