Morgrian Denikas Sep 30, 2013 @ 10:13am
Game breaking problem is still unresolved
I preordered the special edition (the one that had all the DLC) a while back, but i've had a single nasty game breaking problem every time i play this game on every computer I play it on. I had started a dark elf campaign, and that played fine until I went underground. Any time my camera goes underground, the game becomes incredibly dark and unplayable. Its done this on 3 computers running 3 different operating systems (windows 7, windows 8, linux) with three seperate downloads (didn't just move the data via flash drive) and still this problem persists. And going through the news and forums, I cant seem to find anyone else with this issue. On top of that, I see that they will not be releaseing any more patches for this game. Does anyone know of a workaround I just am not able to find to allow me to play this game?

Specifically, it does this any time i enter the underground on any map as any race. The Dark Elves are just how I first found it. it does not return to normal upon returning to the main menu.
And a problem i've only had on my windows 8 computer, when exiting the game it still registers as on but is not present in the task manager so I cannot force it off. Both Uplay and Steam will not load up anything else until I restart the computer.

Please help! I've been a big fan of this series all my life and wish I could properly play this iteration. I have a screen cap in my public screenshots in case anyone needs to see it.
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