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toshibald 2013年7月23日 1時45分
can't chose haven, inferno or dark elves in custom game
I just bought the Complete edition and when i create a custom game i have access only to 4 necromancers, 2 sanctuary and 2 barbarian heroes, why is that ?
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toshibald 2013年7月23日 1時51分 
ok that was a stupid question.... I started the game angry, what whith all the Uplay bulls**t, the half-screen video you HAVE to watch at least once, the screens opening all at once when you enter the game...
How is it possible to screw up so much ? It's just a game !
Mad Fezzix 2013年7月23日 3時22分 
It's called Uplay my firend. No one wants it but it lingers anyway. Kind of like hepatitis.
mazzz 2013年7月23日 6時18分 
I have the same stupid question. Is the answer that Ubi sucks or is there a fix or some maps have more options?
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Zyco 2013年7月23日 6時20分 
Half Screen video is a Microsoft problem with an upate a week ago or so. Its also chopping media player videos in half.
Zyco 2013年7月23日 6時21分 
toshibald の投稿を引用:
I just bought the Complete edition and when i create a custom game i have access only to 4 necromancers, 2 sanctuary and 2 barbarian heroes, why is that ?

I think things open up if you play a bit or do the Tutorial. I first showed all LOCKED expacs when I bought the game and once I loaded into a MP game things were opened.
Orodryth 2013年7月23日 6時42分 
you have to create such heroes, or play the campaign to unlock the characters from the story. You can only play the Haven if you have a Haven hero in your dynasty. Same goes for every other kind.
Just go to my dynasty and create a hero for the race you want.. If you can't manage to get the right race unlocked try to get some dynasty points by playing the first couple of tutorial maps, they are pretty short. So you should be able to scrape some together pretty fast.
With those points you can buy a hero.

I hope that answers your question
Nujabes 2013年7月23日 7時06分 
use coin, unlock heroes.
Picrasso 2013年7月23日 7時27分 
Aren't all the basic heroes available for 0 'Dynasty-points'? Anyway, just go playing and you will get those D points like crazy. Then visit the Dynasty tab and select whatever you want.

At least your game starts. Mine has some weird start up issue. Ah well, CIV5 works like a charm.
Makiihar 2013年7月23日 10時51分 
0 dynasty points heroes don't include dark elves for me neither... (I have inferno though, and I can use the inferno heroes I create in my dynasty but not the dark elves / dungeon ones)
Outlawz 2013年7月23日 12時11分 
Nujabes の投稿を引用:
use coin, unlock heroes.

This,look to the top right of the menu screen theres a shop icon or something. Once you click it youll see many heroes that are sold for 0coins. You have to purchase them all,its long,but theyre all free. Once you have all of them you can pick the hero/race you like. I know all this cause I played at my friends house. this ♥♥♥♥ing scam-of-a-game is unplayable on my PC.
mazzz 2013年7月23日 12時15分 
Thanks everyone, that solved it for me.
toshibald 2013年7月24日 8時47分 
Thanks for all the answers... I can see we all have some issues with this games. It shows how much the Heroes series is loved by its fans, and how much Ubi doesn't care at all...
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