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homasho 2013年7月21日 13時19分
I have built all teleport stations (to and fro) in all my cities.

How do I use them ?????????????????

Thanks for any help.
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Elethio 2013年7月22日 12時26分 
same question, anyone know?
sickleek 2013年7月22日 12時50分 
the first portal building allows you to travel from that city to any other city or fort regardless if there is a teleport building at the destination. to use it your hero must be standing on a city that has this building and use the associated spell from your spellbook. it requires 10 movement points and use some mana.

the second portal building allows you to teleport from anywhere in the map to the nearest city that has built portal lvl 2. your heroes get the spell automatically after a portal lvl 2 is built, it cost 20 movement points and more mana than the first spell.

hope that helps.

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Elethio 2013年7月22日 13時36分 
homasho 2013年7月22日 15時35分 
Thanks a lot. It works perfectly.
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