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Might & Magic: Heroes VI

>INVICTUS< Jul 4, 2013 @ 3:56am
UBISOFT wiping theyr ♥♥♥ off my support call for launche crashes
I have an Gae launche error where it prevents me to start this game, i searched Steam forums and seen lots of them having same problems where this is just an never ending circle where steam buyers buy this game and this game dont work, hence asking ubisoft for support to make this game work and here are some answer of them

"Ga naar Start > uitvoeren (Indien u Windows Vista of Windows 7 gebruikt ♥♥♥♥ u de toets met het Windows logo en de “R” toets tegelijkertijd indrukken)

Type in de box: %temp% en druk op enter.

Wanneer het scherm geopend is gaat u naar Bewerken > en Selecteer alles.
Gaat u dan naar bestand en klik verwijderen.
Sluit het scherm en herstart de computer." this is what Ubisoft mailed me back

asking me to DELETE an compleet registry file folder... where i have major isseus on other program and had to reinstal it or turn on an backupfile to reset my pc to the way it was befor deleting the the folder UBISOFT ask me..

So i made a second TIcket; and gues what : UBisoft COMPLEETLY denying they ever ask me to delete any thing... =.= this is ONE MAJOR POINT OBISOFT SUPPORT = MAJOR LIEYR.

Further they ask me to send them an attachment file over my pc stats and info... And sudenly HEY! they found the solution to my problem: one of my soundcards is out of date by 1 update version... =.= ... did that sound card update


GG UBISOFT maybe give my money back cause this is just playing around with my balls wasting my time and pointing the errors to others while the ACTUAL ERROR = ON YOUR GAME ITSELF ! just F close your ubisoft company or hire new support team.
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