stenyxan Nov 16, 2013 @ 5:40am
Campagin issues...maybe just me but,
I can't seem to complete the second mission....and yes I know I should stand in a corner full of shame but from what I see I can't do anything to ever get this done.
I can only upgrade the sentinel unit and I can only have 2 other creatues and that is that archer and that sister unit (who might be the most pathetic unit on all HoMM games in history) while the cpu at the end have upgraded them all and have like 3 if not 4 times more creatures then me...
Now how the ...... do I do this?
Should not the second mission be kinda easy? (I play on normal)
Someone plz explanin what I'am doing wrong here cuz I'am 90% sure I must have missed something obvius sense I can't see any other having this problem.
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Spacehamster Nov 16, 2013 @ 8:46am 
Hehe I have the same problem. The UI hardly owns any building anymore, it sends a big army from it's last castle to my main force, I beat it with quite some losses on my side and the next week it sends another army just as powerful to finish me. Ah well maybe the 2nd army was hiding in the fog of war area all the time.

Thanks for the guide link Talana, I'm going to check it out and find what I'm doing wrong :)
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