[NAZ] Guarglking Nov 14, 2013 @ 4:42pm
How can i fix the Nvidia town screen freeze?
So i checked on the ubisoft forums and i found out that the 2.1 patch fixes the town screen freeze for Nvidia users in HoMM6. I downloaded the game from gamersgate and the patch from the ubisoft site. But after 5 hours of downloading and patching i found out that i have to buy the expansion Shades of Darkness to even patch to version 2.1, being stuck with the 1.8 patch that doesn't fix this issue at all.

So i'd like to know if anyone knows a way of fixing this game, without downgrading the Nvidia drivers, because i don't just play only 1 game that i'm not even sure if it works at all.
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Cracker Nov 29, 2013 @ 6:56am 
Saw the game on sale and figured I would check to see if this huge issue was finaly fixed, it was nothing short of shameful that this issue lasted as long as it did, it prevented me from playing what I thought was otherwise a decent attempt at a Homm game. Is it true that you need to purchase the expansion to fix this problem?
[NAZ] Guarglking Nov 29, 2013 @ 7:41am 
No, i was able to do it once i updated the game. However if you try to get the update from a ubisoft server you will have a lot of trouble. That should be solved if you buy it through steam.
There are still loads of bugs in the game. Once in a while i get a black screen, but nothing like how it used to be.

Having said this if i were you i wouldn't buy this game. Even though it's a decent game, and has cool ideias behind it i think HOMM5 and HOMM3 are better than this game, the latter being far superior. Also you never know when another driver update might come and mess with this game once again. So you might want to stay away from it, unless you really want to get it.
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