Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Might & Magic: Heroes VI

harf4ng 2013年11月13日下午1:47
How do you use your heroes?

I wonder how you use your heroes. I mean, I'm on the second campaign, the necropolis one, and for now I only use my heroes to carry troops to my main heroes.

Why? First, because I prefer having one strong army than two weak ones. Second, just because I don't know what to do with my other heroes. Third, because when I am able to get heroes, they are level 1 and my main is level 6 or so.

Maybe I should use heroes to put in a town with some troops to defend my town against enemies. Or do you have other tips?

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GLHF 2013年11月14日上午6:30 
If you keep your entire army with one hero it will be very hard to wipe out another player (AI) and defend at the same time. Having other heroes alows you to defend your realm far easier than with one, and you cna visit some mines/treasures earlier with the second hero.
harf4ng 2013年11月14日上午8:48 
In fact for now I explore with my main heroes and I have put some heroes in my towns to defend. I play in easy difficulty though, because I don't like having to hurry up to explore, and if I don't hurry up in normal difficulty I have to fight very powerful armies sometimes... I play most for the fun and the story than the challenge...

To defend you have to keep heroes in the towns, right? But if you do so, how the heroes will level up?
WN-mees 2013年11月14日下午3:14 
It Sounds like i've got the same problem as you! i try to hire back up heroes that provide me daily resources as soon as possible (week 1/2) i've noticed it will pay off in the long run and makes playing at normal difficulty easier:) and i will make my main hero a teacher this way if you hire heroes later in the game and they meet your main hero they get loads of exp, setting your back up heroes up as mobile markets makes trading recources cheaper which also pays off when playing at normal difficulty!
harf4ng 2013年11月15日上午8:44 
I don't understand. You mean you hire heroes early that have some ressource bonus? And what do you mean when you talk about the main hero a teacher? How does it work? And errr... mobile markets? By carrying what?
WN-mees 2013年11月15日下午4:09 
Every hero has a skill and some heroes have a daily resource "skill" have a look in the tavern while in game and look at all the heroes available for hire!!!
As for the teacher & market abilities; every time your hero levels up he will receive 1 ability point (i'm not sure what the actual names of the abilities are) but once your hero reaches lvl 5 and you look in the non magic ability tree you will find one ability that will provide you with a random resource per day and after lvl 5 you can select its upgrade and now your hero will count as an additional market place.
And the "teacher" ability can be unlocked after the first ability which will grant your hero more experience when he gains experience, after lvl 5 you can select this "teacher"ability to share 50% of your gained experience with your other heroes.

hopefully this clears things up if:)
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