Terrik Mar 25 @ 6:34am
Is there any fix to the movement lag?
I noticed a couple other people had this issue, but I havent found a solution, despite my best efforts.

Basically, I'm also having the issues where the game lags to a standstill when the hero moves. If the hero isnt moving? Great FPS. Battles? Great FPS! ANYTHING ELSE--GREAT FPS. But moves on his horse? Drops to 1. Or 0. Or just teleports, regardless of the animation speed setting for hero movement. Is there a fix to this or do I just give up playing?

Also note: This never happened until I installed the expansions. It was smooth as silk before.
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duhsveti Apr 10 @ 8:02pm 
I have the same issue. I'm not sure what's causing it. I nothice when moving around the map that i get massive cpu spikes. My configuration is i7@2.8GHz, 6 Gb RAM, AMD 7990

I presumed it would run good enough. Also even when i lower my options it doesn't seem to help a bit.
Controller Aug 16 @ 2:56pm 
Have the same issue no idea how to solve it. Quick Saving and reloading buys me a couple more turns without the frame drop.
duhsveti Aug 16 @ 11:55pm 
I forgot i posted here. Anyway i figured it out i think. At least in my case. My mouse dpi settings seem to not get along with the game. Anyway i plugged in an old mouse and now i don't get lag anymore.
Controller Aug 17 @ 1:09pm 
Yeah my issue is the same an the OPs, my mouse movement or screen panning doesn't cause lag ONLY the hero movements on the overworld map.
Gacu666 Aug 17 @ 2:03pm 
Yup I have the same problem. Already contacted Ubisoft, they're thinking on a solution for me, but as of now there is little to no hope to fix this :/.

I tried many different mice and not one helped.
Deo Aug 23 @ 2:09pm 
hey guys, i was able to fix this problem by maxing all settings in nvidia panel
not sure which exactly option solved the problem, you can experiment with this
config is win8,gtx780,core i7
here is screen shot of my current settings
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